Jul 26-28 Lena Leonteva Retreat Weekend A La Carte


We give you ultimate flexibility, select the talks and meals you want to attend!


Which nights will you be staying on property?


How many children ages 12 and under will you be bringing?



Which lectures do you wish to attend?

Dietary Restrictions

(Ex. Allergies, vegan, specific foods to avoid)


Retreat Schedule

Friday, Jul 26 
Arrival/Set-Up: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm 
16K Group Meditation: 8pm

Saturday, Jul 27
Personal Practice: 8am-9am
Breakfast: 9am-10am 
Personal Practice: 10am-11am
Lecture: 11am-1pm
Lunch: 1pm-2pm 
Personal Practice: 2pm-4pm
Lecture: 4pm-6pm
Dinner: 6pm-8pm 
16K Group Meditation: 8pm

Sunday, Jul 28 
Personal Practice: 7am-8am
Breakfast: 8am-9am
Lecture: 9am-11am
Ranch Tour: 11am-12pm
Lunch: 12pm-1pm
Cleaning/Break-Down: 1pm-2pm
16K Group Meditation: 2pm